• High Performance Epoxy Resin Coating System and Fumed Silica Thickening Agent Bundle
    High Performance Epoxy Resin Coating System and Fumed Silica Thickening Agent Bundle

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    Get Both the 1.5 gallon kit of High-Performance Crafters Coating Epoxy AND the Crafters Fumed Silica is a 1 Gallon Kit.


    The High-Performance Epoxy Resin is UV Protected with hindered amine light stabilizers that slow the epoxy resin degradation from UV light AND the Crafters Fumed Silica is a 1 Gallon Kit.

    This high-performance epoxy resin started as an epoxy resin used for boat restoration and evolved into a high-performance epoxy resin capable of withstanding chemicals, acids, corrosion, rust, wind, salts, and of course, water. 

  • No blushing and no chalking over time 
  • UV resistant with hindered amine light stabilizers (reflect UV Light)
  • ease of use mix ratio (2:1) by weight or volume.
  • Heat resistant up to 180F.
  • Strong enough for industrial and civil engineering level strength 

    Commonly used for the following types of Applications:    

    • Outdoor tables
    • corrosion-resistant coatings
    • Boat repair and restorations
    • Tank Linings
    • Industrial coatings and flooring
    • Garage Floor coatings
    • Weatherproofing
    • Surfboard and Paddleboard repairs
    • High Performance 

    This formula cures much faster than the typical epoxy resin. A fresh pour can be tack free within 2 hours. We still recommend not touching the pour for 7-10 days to ensure full adhesion. 


    • low viscosity (800cps.)
    • extra long pot-life of 60 minutes.
    • faster cure times of 24 hours.
    • 0% VOC's and virtually no smell
    • Tensile Strength, 7500 PSI before cracking

    We include part A (resin) and part B (hardener) and instructions with the kit. 


    Crafters Fumed Silica Thickening Agent is commonly used to thicken epoxy resin,  paints, and similar liquids.

    A trade name commonly used is Cabosil Fumed Silica. This jug contains approximately 1 gallon of the Fumed Silica powder. Simply add it to the epoxy resin, paints, or liquids and stir by hand until you reach the desired thickness. 

    Commonly used when repairing cracks with epoxy resin. 

    • Low density
    • Extremely high surface area
    • Three-dimensional particle structure
    • Increases viscous properties of liquids
    • Non-sagging properties

    Perfect for patching holes, filling seams & cracks, filling voids, and thickening liquids in the high-performance boating industry. Also found to be used to assist to create custom projects, scenes, and set designs. 

    Once cured it can be fully machined and sanded after 24 hours.   

    1 Gallon jug with easy on and easy off screw-on lid




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